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About graphic storybook 'Deinotherium'

For sheer enjoyment, the last few years I have been dedicating my free time to creating a graphic storybook which I write and illustrate using the technique of aquarelle painting. Over the course of a summer day, the tale unfolds slowly, unveiling cherished memories and the essence of my personal experiences and relationships with dear ones. I will be sharing it freely as a digital flip-book on this website, with the first part (out of three) available now and subsequent parts to follow in the foreseeable future. 

Please note that all images are original and are protected by copyright. They may not be printed, copied, or used without the explicit permission of the author.



Yannis Chaviaras (Greek-Belgian)
Born in 1977 in Antwerp, Belgium, and raised in Rafina, Greece, I have been living in Belgium since 2004 and currently reside in the south of Brussels.
Working as a full-time freelance IT Analyst on long-term missions.
From 2000 to 2018, I enjoyed sculpting as a hobby.





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